PE & Sport

To enable the children at All Saints Church of England Primary School to Grow, Blossom and Flourish we feel there is a necessity to foster a healthy, an active and a physically fit – lifestyle approach. We aim for all sporting activities to be fully inclusive and for the children to really enjoy taking part in them; throughout the school day in the classroom as part of the curriculum; at playtime, at clubs during lunchtime and after school; during PE lessons and at sporting competitions and festivals.


PE at All Saints is flourishing because…

• We have a clear vision for PE in our school
• Teachers plans for progression throughout the school, with children continually building upon knowledge and skills acquired. Pupils are given regular opportunities to practice and revisit learning so that knowledge and skills are embedded.
• All children have the opportunity to represent our school and apply their skills in local sporting competitions
• We provide enjoyable extra-curricular activities at lunchtimes and after school
• Children in Year 6 have the responsibility to be the school’s sports crew to deliver sporting clubs, running Intra-competitions, organising and delivering school sports days e.g. Invictus games, charity sports events to raise money for charities of their choice.
• Teachers are provided with high quality CPD to continually upskill their teaching by working alongside specialist teachers
• Our sports crew attend training days to support them with their primary leadership skills
• We have many links with local sports clubs and organisations who come into school to deliver extra-curricular clubs as well as visiting their establishments for sessions e.g. Harrogate Racquets Club, Squash Club.
• Children are proactive in organising their own events


Our PE curriculum

PE is taught twice as week to ensure that the children are receiving 2 hours of physical education per week. We adapt our PE programme to the needs of our children, ensuring that they are taught a wide range of skills through a variety of different types of sports. Our PE programme is fully inclusive and the expectation is that all children will participate although some differentiation may take place to fulfil individual needs.

Our main aim this year was to raise participation levels and the profile of sport within the school and engage more of those children who are not instinctively drawn to sports. With the Covid-19 crisis, our data is only until March 2020.

We also aim to develop those children who are already involved in the sporting life of the school to a higher standard and to allow them to compete at higher levels. This is achieved through entering teams in cluster and district competitions. In 2019/2020 (up until March 2020), 69% of key stage 2 children participated in inter competitions through the Harrogate Schools Sports Partnership and 100% of key stage 1 children participating in intra competitions within school time. All of our children swim for 10 weeks per school year during year 2 and 3 at Knaresborough swimming pool. It is here that they learn to swim using a range of strokes and how to perform a safe self rescue. In 2019/2020 87% of our children are able to swim 25m and 81% of our children are able to perform a self rescue.

A wide range of PE is delivered to the pupils, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils to grow, blossom and flourish. The physical activity opportunities taught are wide and varied, both during the school day and as extra-curricular clubs, as part of forest school and on residential trips.

Opportunities include
• Traditional team games: football, netball, hockey, cricket.
• Individual pursuits: cross country, orienteering and tennis
• Bespoke activities: archery, climbing and sailing.

Sporting Influence worked alongside our staff in 2019/2020 to improve provision of PE and Sport across the whole school. Highly experienced and qualified PE staff and Sports Coaches visited our school on a weekly basis and also provided after-school clubs. For more information on Sporting Influence you can visit their website here. This current year, we are continuing to provide CPD for teachers by employing a Specialist PE teacher, Mr Rodrigues. Mr Rodrigues delivers PE sessions alongside a member of staff in order to update and improve their skills as well as running lunchtime and after school clubs.



From an early age, competitive sport is nurtured and encouraged, with KS1 pupils preparing for and entering local competitions. In KS2, the school’s aim is for every child to take part in at least one sports competition. Skills are taught through P.E. lessons and through a sports provision offered after school and during lunchtime. In 2019/2020 it was our aim to increase the provision we have in school to increase levels of physical activity in all children. We provided an increased number of extra-curricular activities including, multi-skills, hockey, Tchoukball, and Netball. Every Wednesday afternoon each class was given the opportunity to participate in forest school which promoted outdoor learning and physical activity.

In Year 5 & 6 we deliver a Sports Leadership programme and a Change 4 Life programme. This pupil based ‘Sports Crew’ take responsibility for running lunchtime clubs, organising level 1 intra-house competition and auditing, monitoring and reporting on schools competition. This is an engaging project for these pupils at the top end of the school and allows them to explore the organisational aspects of leadership.


Partnership Work

The Harrogate School Sports Partnership is a partnership of Primary & Secondary Schools across Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon & Nidderdale. The vision of the partnership is to create a sustainable PE, School Sport and Physical Activity system as part of the core provision for all children and young people. Their mission therefore is to positively impact on the lives of every young person attending partnership schools through the opportunities they provide. Both their vision and mission is promoted through their core School Games values of Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Self-belief and Teamwork.
For more information on how HSSP supports us for our membership fee please click below:
Harrogate Schools Partnership

How are the improvements we have made in 2019/2020 sustainable?

Please note school was closed from March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic so all improvements noted were prior to this date.

• We share good practice in school between teachers, in the MAT and at PLT meetings.
• Subject leader undertakes learning walks and lesson observations to monitor the teaching of PE and the impact it is having on the children’s progress. This is fed back during staff meetings.
• Class teachers have undertaken CPD with sporting influence which has improved their practice for the future. They have gained confidence and knowledge is delivering a range of areas of PE.
• Regular discussions with children and sports crew to get their feedback
• Swimming Lessons provided for children in Year 3 at Harrogate Hydro also included the year 3 children as they missed a number of lessons the previous year due to pool building work.
• Subject leader carries out a yearly audit of staff skills and equipment to know the requirements for the next academic year
• Mr Rodrigues has supported the sports crew in running clubs for KS1 on a playtime.
• We have increased children’s physical activity through providing more extra-curricular clubs and lunchtime activities for all children to participate in.
• Forest School has continued this year after training a member of staff, Mrs Richards-Smith, to deliver. Mrs Richards-Smith has worked with all children across the school.


How did we spend our PE Premium for the year 2019/20?

Our PE premium in 2019/20 was £16,810. Please click below for a breakdown of how it was spent:

Sports Funding Breakdown 19.20