Forest Schools Fun


Twigs and Stixs forest school come in every Wednesday running a club with year 2 children. Mars class then enjoy a whole afternoon of outdoor learning.

Today forest school came in to do leaf rubbing and model making.
First of all we found interesting leaves to put under our paper and rub with the side of a crayon, everyone worked really hard at it and we made some beautiful pictures.
Next we were all handed a piece of clay, we searched around the playground to find sticks, leaves, seeds and other interesting objects to put into or on our clay. Two of our children made turtles out of seeds, clay and stones.
Others made clay and stick  animals and some children made people.
Finally we had a go at making up our own game, the children got into twos and used stones, sticks and leaves as props for their games. One group used leaves as money to buy castles, another group made use of the play tires. Some of the children made up a counting game by laying 20 sticks one in-front of the others on the floor and they  through a stone towards the sticks, they would count how many sticks away the stone had gone and they then doubled the number. Whoever got the highest score won. Fantastic!

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